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Welcome to Appeggio!

A little bit about us.
We believe that behind every innovation sits a citizen developer in waiting. Our mission is to unleash this potential. So Appeggio empowers anyone to create and launch an app that works as a website and as a native app for iPhone and Android, without writing a single line of code. Including everything you need to host, manage and release your app, like a boss. We call this eXperience as a Service (XaaS). You'll call it amazing!
An introduction
Appeggio was conceived by its two founders who spent decades building complex software for some of the biggest and most demanding businesses around the world. Seeing the constant cycle of waste, delays, and shortcuts that deliver subpar customer experiences and destroy business value, they knew there was a much better way.
Appeggio was created to build enterprise-grade applications, with all the bells and whistles that most people don't even know to ask for, but should just be table stakes, whether you’re building an App for a student project or a banking App. Appeggio aims to give you everything you need straight out of the box, no need to daisy chain multiple tools together (although you can if you want to), or understand how anything works under the hood.