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Applying margins
This section takes you through applying margins to parts within Appeggio.
A margin adds space to a part outside of any defined borders. This can be applied to all, horizontal, vertical, top, right, bottom and left.
To apply a margin, select the part you wish to place the margin around. Using the dropdown on the halo toolbar for that part, go to general, then to margin:
Then apply the margins as appropriate.
The margin spacing ranges from -16 to 16.
You can apply margins to just about any part, including rows and columns. For example, if you’ve got some sections within your app and want more room between them, then applying a margin can create space.
I’m going to illustrate the margins using a button part. Here is a button, on a blue background, with default margins:
Here is the same button, with a margin of 12 applied to ‘all’. As you will see, the button size has remained the same, but the space surrounding the button has increased:

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