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Applying padding
This section takes you through applying padding to parts within Appeggio.
Padding adds space around a part’s content inside of any defined borders. Padding can be applied to all of the part. Horizontal, vertical, top, right, bottom and left.
To apply padding, select the part. Using the dropdown on the halo toolbar for that part, go to general, then to padding:
The padding ranges from 0 to 16.
I’m going to illustrate how padding works using a button part. Here is a standard button with default padding:
Here is the same button, with a padding of 12 applied to all. As you will see, the space surrounding the button has remained the same, but the size of the button has increased as a result of the padding:
Here, the original button now has a padding of 12 applied to the horizontal, increasing the width of the button:

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