Appeggio Help
This section takes you through adding and editing a carousel within Appeggio.
The carousel part is used to display visual content on a rotating timer.
The default carousel consists of six carousel items, each containing an image with a title, subtitle and call to action button. All of these parts are easily edited. You can add additional carousel items if you’d like more than six, or remove carousel items if six is too many.
This is the default carousel:

Adding a carousel

To add a carousel, select the part where you’d like to add your carousel and press ‘+’ on the toolbar. You can either scroll down the list and find ‘carousel’, or key in ‘carousel’ within the filter. Alternatively, you can also drag and drop a carousel from the left navigation drawer.

Editing the carousel

You will notice that there are six large dots at the bottom of the carousel. Each indicates one carousel item containing an image with the call to action.‌
You will need to amend the image so that your own images are placed there, together with the text.
When you select the carousel, you will automatically highlight the row of the first carousel item.
When the row is selected, you can edit or remove the text and the button as needed.
To change the image, you’ll need to go to the ‘parent’ by clicking on the icon as shown:
You’ll then be on the carousel item where you can change the image, or remove it:
To change the image to one of your choosing, click on the image icon to select or modify the image. If the image has been uploaded into the Appeggio assets file, then choose ‘select’. If you need to upload the image from your device, select ‘modify’, and then select ‘upload’. Select the image you want from your browser. You’ll now see your image in the carousel item.
You will need to do this for each of the carousel parts. To go to another carousel part, click on the 'dot' of the part you want to edit and press Command (Mac) or Control (Windows).

Testimonials on a carousel

A carousel doesn’t need to have images on it. A popular style of carousel is to display testimonials, which may or may not include an image of the person (or company) that provided the testimonial. Here's an example: