Appeggio Help

General questions

Why should I use Appeggio, rather than another NoCode tool?

Most NoCode tools enable you to build either a website or a mobile App. Appeggio allows you to design once and deploy as a web App and a native iOS and a native Android App, all from the same effort.
And although Appeggio is a NoCode tool, it is much, much more! It's an eXperience as a Service (XaaS). In simple terms that means you design your customer experience and we handle the rest for you.
We manage deployment and hosting of your website, even submitting your Apps to the App stores and then managing and monitoring them for you.
Traditional app development requires teams of developers skilled in Web, iPhone and Android software development (coding). With Appeggio, you don’t need to know how to code to create a business-ready app across all three platforms with one effort.
With our radically simple editor, you can choose a template and customise it to turn it into your very own unique app. For those who want to build their app from scratch you can do that using a clean slate template and adding and customising parts as you like.
With Appeggio, you can launch sooner, save time, save money, add features as you go, and evolve your app as you need to. It’s so simple, anyone can use it. You no longer need to hire developers and pay loads of money to create an app that’s ready for business.

Who is Appeggio for?

Our passion is innovation and we want to democratise the power of digital transformation, by making everyone capable of delivering beautiful digital experiences, so Appeggio has been built for everyone.
So if you’re a product manager, a non-technical founder, a product manager, a UX designer, a Digital Agency looking to wow your customers and improve your margins, a student, or even a pro developer totally frustrated with moving pixels around a screen or creating yet another form, Appeggio was made for you!
With Appeggio, there is something for everyone. We’re really proud that we can support a diverse community and a range of needs.

How hard is it to learn Appeggio?

Like any tool, it takes a little while to become proficient, but Appeggio tries to be people literate, rather than expecting people to be technology literate.
We have made every effort to allow you to use Appeggio so it works for you, rather than expecting you to know how the software works or forcing you through a process that works for us and not you.

Does Appeggio allow teams to collaborate on an App?

Yes, you can have as many people in your team collaborating on one or all of your Apps and you can set up roles and accountabilities for every team member so that you can safely allow everyone to do what they do best.

Will Appeggio scale as my business grows?

Absolutely, we don't believe you should have to worry about any of that stuff, rather just focus on your customers and their experience. So Appeggio has been built as an enterprise-grade platform from day 1, and we have packed in all of the things that are normally forgotten.
So whether you have one customer or a million customers, every Appeggio App gets an elastically scalable event-based cloud architecture, enterprise-grade security, and enterprise-grade database.
You can even choose to deploy into separate AWS sub-account and regions or even deploy to your own AWS account.

Am I restricted to a range of pre-built components, and will my website be fully responsive?

Like everything else in Appeggio, we have designed it so you can do what you want and focus on building beautiful and compelling customer experiences.
There are hundreds of data-aware, micro components like buttons and switches, which you can style in any way you want, but we have also taken these components and made pre-built sections, pages, and even entire Apps, which you can modify and configure to your heart's content.
And yes every single component, section, page, or App is 100% responsive, out of the box, in any combination you can imagine, from the smallest mobile device all the way up to a 4k TV.

How do I create an account?

Click on the ‘Get access - it’s free’ button. You’ll need to enter your email address, and create a password. Once you’ve done that, you’ll be sent an email to verify your account. By creating an account, you agree to the privacy policy and terms and conditions, so make sure you’ve read those.

I have forgotten my password, what do I do?

Simply go to the login screen, then click on ‘Forgot your password’. Enter your email address and you’ll be sent a link to reset your password.

How long does it take to build an app on Appeggio?

This will depend on the extent to which you customise an existing template, and the functionality you’d like to include in your app.
Creating your own app from scratch is likely to take longer than editing a template.
For most people who don’t have experience with app creation, you can have a working prototype within a few days of starting. It could take you a week or two for a polished product. For those who really dive in, you could have your app ready to be deployed in a day.
It also depends on your level of confidence, and how much planning you’ve done to work out the layout and features you’d like in your app, your written content, your branding and images.

What happens if Appeggio doesn't have a feature that I want to use on my app?

We are always enhancing the offerings within Appeggio, including expanding our suite of templates and potential integrations. The great thing about Appeggio is that you can evolve your app as your ideas evolve, and as we expand our offerings.
If there are popular integrations that we are yet to have available, please let us know and we may be able to create them immediately or add them to our roadmap.

Where and how can I publish an app I built using Appeggio?

Appeggio allows you to publish your app across three platforms - Web, iOS and Android. Publishing to the Web can be done instantly through Appeggio.