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This section takes you through adding and formatting images within Appeggio.
Images are managed within the file assets section, available via the left navigation drawer. When you open file assets, you will see some generic images already in your file assets. To upload more images, click on the arrow with the tooltip ‘Upload an asset’ as shown below:
When you click to upload an asset, if you’re on a laptop/PC your desktop will be opened. If on a mobile device, your photos will be opened. You can upload one or multiple images to your file assets.

Adding Images To Your Screen

You can add images to your screen either from the toolbar, or by dragging and dropping from the file assets within the left navigation.

Adding Images Using the Toolbar

To add an image, select the part where you’d like to add your image and press ‘+’ on the toolbar. You can either scroll down the list and find ‘image’, or key in ‘image’ within the filter.
When you add an image from the toolbar, a default image is provided. You can replace the default image with your own image that you either upload from your device, or select from your file assets. To replace the image, select the ‘image icon’ from the icon toolbar.
Selecting the image icon will activate the ability to modify or select a new image.
If you need to upload an image, choose ‘modify’ and‘ upload’:
Then select the image from your device.
If you already have your images uploaded into file assets, choose ‘select’. You will see all of your available images. Select the image from your list.
Adding Images Using Drag and Drop
You can also drag and drop an image from your assets file in the left navigation drawer.
Let’s say the desired position for your image is between the subtitle text and the text, as shown below:
Drag your chosen image from the assets file. The black line is where your image will appear, so you need to ensure it is between the subtitle text and the text, as shown below:
Drop the image when the placement is in the correct position. The result is as follows:

Formatting and sizing your image

Coming soon!
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