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This section takes you through adding and editing text within Appeggio.

Adding Text

To add text, select the part where you’d like to add your text and press ‘+’ on the halo toolbar:
The main menu will open. Choose ‘text’ from the list, then choose your preferred text size:

Editing Text

To edit text, double click the text so the part is highlighted:
Then replace it with your own text:
To format your text, navigate to the part containing the text and select it. You will then see the text toolbar with a range of formatting tools. You can either use the halo toolbar to edit your text, or the dropdown menu on the halo toolbar. On the halo toolbar, you’ll see that you can change the color, size, alignment and weight of the text.
If you open up the dropdown menu you’ll see more ways to format your text. In addition to what’s available on the halo, you can change the font, apply margins and padding, change the order of the part depending on the size of the device, and set the text value.
Here’s a rundown of what you can do with your text.
Color text applies specified color to the text within the part. You can select from theme colors or mix your own color.
Font allows you to change the font to either a primary or secondary font.
Font italic will change the text to italic when you switch it on.
Margin adds space to a part outside of any defined borders. This can be applied to all, horizontal, vertical, top, right, bottom and left.
Padding adds space around a part’s content inside of any defined borders. This can be applied to all, horizontal, vertical, top, right, bottom and left.
Opacity allows you to set the opacity (the degree to which something is opaque) of the text. This can be set by entering a percentage. For example, if you want to reduce the opacity of the text by, enter in the desired percentage in the field, such as “60%”
Order allows you to position the part depending on the device size, using the dropdown.
Size text sets the size of the text within the part, using the dropdown.
Text align applies specified alignment to the text within the part, to the left, center and right.
Text value can be used to set the value of the text, so that when the text is changed, all instances of the text are updated. For example, if your site refers to ABC Consultancy Services in several different places, and the name is changed to ABC Technologies, you can replace all of the references at once by updating the text value.
Text weight applies specified emphasis to the text, such as bold, black, medium or thin.

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